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On that note, we mentioned that we have some big news to be released.

Since early 2017, Astronaut Capital, together with its independent research-house Picolo Research, has guided investors through the crypto market by leading in due-diligence, analysis, and above all, transparency.

Today, we roll out another chapter.

The Astronaut Capital Liquid Crypto Fund

The team at Astronaut are pleased to announce the launch and opening of the Astronaut Capital Liquid Crypto Fund.

Over the past 12 months, the management of Astronaut has gained feedback from a targeted segment of institutional, corporate and accredited investors to form a vehicle that is safe, flexible, liquid and above all, transparent for investment into digital assets.

Not just another Index Fund

The rise of index funds and single-asset exposure vehicles have flooded the market of late. While much of this can be attributed to the recent outperformance of Bitcoin, there is little doubt that the Alpha in years to come will be from exposure in growth and emerging digital assets.

The Liquid Fund differentiates itself from ‘long-only’ index structures by taking exposure in fundamentally sound emerging projects whilst still adhering to the liquidity parameters of high-turnover secondary markets.

With the ability to hedge and create ‘net-short’ exposure through seasonal and cyclical declines, the strategy puts risk mitigation and capital preservation as one of its highest priorities.

Birds-eye view

The investment fund is a traditional structure and operates as a long/short vehicle for the trading of cryptocurrencies.

  • The mandate is focused on liquid-only crypto exposure with the ability to take positions both long/short based on fundamental, qualitative and technical analysis

  • The investment strategy is conducive to deployment of large amounts of capital, with the flexibility of quarterly redemptions for large subscribers

  • Investments decisions are driven by our team at Picolo Research and the Astronaut Capital Investment Committee

  • The fund is traditional structure (non-tokenized), audited, fully custodized and registered under CIMA

  • Subscription is open-ended for institutional investors, family offices, venture capital firms and select strategic accredited investors

Request data room access

Download the 2-page fact sheet

For those who believe they meet the requirements for subscription, we have put together a short fact-sheet detailing the overview of the fund and the asset allocation strategy.


We are extremely pleased with the level of interest and subscription to the fund so far. Should you wish to learn more, please request access to the corporate data room by clicking here.

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Looking for smaller exposure?

Chat to us about the ASTRO Tokenized Fund.

For those who are seeking smaller exposure, Astronaut Capital has also been running the ASTRO Tokenized Dividend Fund since 2017.

The fund has been extremely active in the marketplace with exposure to Pre-ICO’s, ICO’s, IEO’s and secondary market trading.

In the coming weeks, we will also be taking new subscriptions from interested parties for this fund. If you would like to find out more regarding a placement for this quarter, please contact us by clicking here.

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Finally, a big thank you to those who have helped Astronaut Capital along the way. We are currently at a huge inflection point in the digital assets market, and we are privileged to have you join us for the journey.

PS. next issue of Dark Pools dropping soon.

Matthew Dibb | CIO

About Astronaut Capital

Since 2017, Astronaut Capital has been one of the leading asset-managers for cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Utilizing its internal research team at Picolo Research and STO Rating, Astronaut operates long/short strategies to navigate the market on behalf of investors.

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